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Arenal, Costa Rica

If you like to experience a unique adrenalin filled sensation, come travel with us on one of the attractions that make Costa Rica famous at a world wide level, for its   Canopy Tour. Our Canopy at Arenal Park is known for having two separate cables, the first cable is the one you glide on, the second is for major safety precautions.

The canopy consists of 15 cables and 18 platforms which are divided into three sections that are found mostly in the trees, which are designed to provide our visitors greater contact with nature. On our tour you will find one of our major attractions the Tarzan Swing, which guarantees you will have the greatest adventure. You will forget about work, and all your worries will disappear while you enjoy your vacation, as you fly thru the trees like Tarzan.

The canopy tour not only offers you a great adventure but also an opportunity to observe all the animal life in its natural habitat. Each platform has been designed so that you can observe the forest from different angles allowing you to photograph the impressing scenery. Discover what adrenalin really means to nature lovers.

Our Tour is divided in three sections: The first section has 6 cables and 7 platforms, with lengths from 10 metersup to 110 meters. The second section has 5 cables and 6 platforms, with lengths from 40 meters up to 160 meters. At the end of this section you will find the Tarzan Swing. And the last section that has 4 cables and 5 platforms, with lengths from 70 meters up to 430 meters.

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