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Metropolitan Cathedral Of San José

Central Valley, Costa Rica

The Metropolitan Cathedral of San José Spanish: Catedral Metropolitana is a cathedral in San José, Costa Rica, located on Calle Central and Avenues 2 and 4. The original cathedral was built in 1802 but was destroyed by an earthquake. It was replaced in 1871 by a design by Eusebio Rodríguez in a style which combines Greek Orthodox, Neoclassical and Baroque styles with its Doric pilasters and neoclassical pediment with steeples at the side at the front of the building.

Inside, the cathedral has a notably fine colonial-style tiled floor and stainless windows depicting biblical scenes. A vaulted ceiling spans the length of the nave with two fluted columns supporting it. At the main altar are statues of cherubs and a wooden figure of Christ. In the background is a half-cupola in the wall containing a mural of Jesus and the Holy Father. To the left of the altar is the Chapel of the Holy Sacrament, adorned with wooded quadrants and floral motifs.

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