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Orosi Valley

Central Valley, Costa Rica

The Orosi Valley of Costa Rica is an undiscovered paradise, offering a serene and peaceful setting to the few visitors who manage to make it here. The Orosi valley is just under an hour from San José, passing through the city of Cartago. Upon entering the valley, you’ll be amazed by the fantastic views. The Reventazón River winds it’s way through the steep sided valley until it collects into a beautiful lake formed by the Cachí Dam. Pine trees covered with Spanish Moss sway in the wind and the temperatures here are always cool and pleasant – giving the feeling of an “eternal spring”.

As you drive down the steep road that enters the Orosi Valley, there are several spots where you can stop to take in the scenery. Many feel that this area is one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful, truly a hidden jewel waiting to be discovered! The small town of Orosi is found at the head of the valley near the banks of the lake. The name “Orosi” comes from a Huetar Indian Chief who lived here at the time of the Spanish Conquest. The area offers a wealth of water, rich soil and perfect climate – making it an attractive place to settle for centuries. Here you’ll find one of the last colonial towns that have survived the test of time.

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